Join us in a look back at Maltese Sports brought to you by the man who made it all possible, Philip Maltese.

The roots of Maltese Sports began to sprout In 1997. It was my third product idea that seemed to make the most sense, but also the most daunting; An "unbreakable" goalie stick. While getting ready for a men's league game, I needed a stick. I went to the pro shop and selected one by price and appearance. How else was one to do it? The maker of the stick was not as important as the reaction of the pro shop. I made my purchase and went on the ice for warm-ups. The First shot faced broke the blade, and now I was back to square one. I took the stick back to the pro shop to told them I wanted my money back. They laughed, and I fumed. It was then that I resolved to make a stick that could be consistent, as in no matter which one you selected it would be identical to the others, so you could never make a bad selection. I wanted it to last longer than any of the sticks in the rack and be the best stick on the market. After a straw poll it seemed to me that people were willing to pay more for a stick if those features I described did exist.