*NEW* Customer Referral Program

Customer Referral Program

As of today, you can earn $15 of "Maltese Money" per new customer you refer to us until September 1st, 2017. We want you to benefit as much as possible by no limiting the amount of referrals!


1) Talk to your friends and teammates about our products via social media or at the rink

2) Once your referral orders a product over $100, make sure he/she adds your email and name in the order or email us directly with the order number

3) You will receive a discount code of 15$ per order. We will update you with a new discount code every time you refer an additional customer.

4) You will be able to use your discount code until January 1st, 2018

It's an easy way to get free or discounted Maltese Products! 

If you have any additional questions regarding our referral program, contact us at info@maltesehockey.ca


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