GPS Mask Padding Kit (Goalie)


We are proud to introduce our latest generation of mask kits!

This new kit consists of strips of the Maltese Gel in a configuration suitable for the vast majority of masks on the market today!

Your choice of either 3/8" or 1/4" thickness along with equivalent length 1/8" strips to help shore up the fitment of your mask. The strips themselves have a pressure sensitive adhesive already adhered to the back of them for test fitting purposes.

The following pieces make up the Maltese mask kit:

    1 Chin Sling (1/4" thickness)

    1- 1 X 6" Strip (your kit thickness choice and 1/8")

    2- 1 X 4" Strips (your kit thickness choice and 1/8")

    3- 1 X 5" Strips (your kit thickness choice and 1/8")

    4- 1 X 3" Strips (your kit thickness choice and 1/8")
    6- 1 X 2" Strips (your kit thickness choice and 1/8")
    1- 1 X 12" Strip (your kit thickness choice and 1/8")

    (***approximate lengths, as our water-jet takes a small piece for itself when cutting****)

We are also proud to offer, as an option, (1/2" or 3/16" thickness) the new Monster Kewl Band with the purchase of your mask kit.

Installation Guide
Installation Guide

Chin Sling Mounting:
We suggest using your existing mask hardware to mount the sling. Some users have opted to also bolster this arrangement with washers sourced from their local hardware store to prevent tearing.

Some words from Monster Hockey on their Kewl Sweat band:
This is a revolutionary product that not only absorbs up to 8 times its weight in water, but also provides a cooling effect when used properly. This is not like your regular terry cloth sweat band. It is made of a high tech hypoallergenic material that actively wicks away sweat and through the magic of evaporative cooling, helps lower the temperature of your skin. To maximize absorption and the cooling effect of the Kewl Sweat Band, make sure to keep it damp. It loses its effectiveness when it becomes saturated, so wring it out between periods and feel that gentle arctic breeze on your brow.