After years of research and development in the knee pad department and based on the success of our GPS products, specifically, our neck protection, we have, what we feel is the ultimate knee protection. We use three layers of our air frothed gel to make the most comfortable, mobile and protective knee pads. But we didn't stop at the knees, we went higher to protect the thighs too. Often, when in the butterfly the thighs get exposed more than the knees and I know this from experience. As always, no hard parts used, so landing on these "stand alone" protective Knee/Thigh Pads (KTPs), will solve rock hard landing gear pads as well as missing your landing gear altogether. It's when you take a puck to the knee/thigh area and you don't hear a noise and don't feel a thing that you'll come to fully appreciate these pads from us. Goalies often complain that their knee pads of choice prevent their pads from rotating, but ours are very low profile and do not cause those same rotation issues.